Our Program

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The Activities Program at Camp Marist is an engaging, exciting and an educational experience for campers, structured around their individual interests.  We offer a variety of elective Athletic, Fitness, Adventure, Nature, and Creative and Performing Arts activities with counselors who bring enthusiasm and a history of involvement as participants, team captains, and coaches or professional instructors.  In addition, all campers participate daily in a period of Waterfront activities where trained, certified, and experienced instructors develop campers’ water safety, knowledge, and proficiency in swimming or boating.

The activities program is organized around accomplishing and learning a specific skill set for each activity in a safe, controlled, positive and supportive environment, and then creating, performing, or demonstrating mastery each session.   Many of our offerings have progressive levels to allow campers to continue to learn and grow with new experiences summer after summer!   The emphasis throughout our program is one of learning and practice to gain confidence as well as competence in an area of interest.  Opportunities exist for competition and performance for those campers who wish to participate at that level, but it is not required.

Campers have a voice in and control over their schedules.  Before arriving each session, campers select and rank order their top activity choices, and a custom schedule is created for each camper that they then follow throughout the session.  In the event their schedule or first impressions don’t have them thoroughly excited, they can adjust their schedule during the initial days of each session, and focus on exactly what they know they’ll love!

From the diverse offerings and personalized schedules to the organized objectives and instructional expertise, the Camp Marist activities program is truly unique and absolutely impressive!