Special Activities


Champagnat Cabin Program

This program, named after the founder of the Marist Brothers, strives to promote respect for all individuals within our camp community regardless of culture, economic status, or individuality. Through our “all camp” prayer and sharings, weekly Eucharist, and evening cabin activities involving counselor and camper interaction, we hope to provide each camper with a caring and respectful experience. The goal and purpose of the Champagnat Program is to create a sense of family within each cabin.

Color War

This is a tradition at Camp Marist that dates back to 1949. This special event takes place during the last week of camp when regular activities are suspended for 2 days. The entire camp, including staff, are divided into 2 teams (red and white), and compete in supervised games and events. There is a theme for the games and each team, both campers and staff, assume the roles surrounding that theme. The primary focus of this event is sportsmanship and fun which is emphasized throughout the competition.

Halloween in July

At Camp Marist Halloween is celebrated in July. This event comes with games (bobbing for apples), trick-or-treating, haunted house, and a costume contest. It is always a big hit for both the Junior and Senior campers and staff.


Camp Marist celebrates the Fourth of July with our annual Carnival. This event begins with a cook-out at the beach followed by games, face painting, a dunk tank (campers can dunk their favorite counselor), and much much more. Immediately following the carnival events we all meet at the Mound for ice cream and watch the fireworks around the lake.


Dancing is a big part of Camp Marist. Each evening we will often find our campers dancing their hearts out at the Mound and the list of favorite dances keeps growing. We also schedule a few of dances throughout the season. Our enthusiastic and talented staff serve as the DJ and create the “club” atmosphere with music and videos projected on the walls. Of course, dressing up “camp style” for the evening is a big part of the whole experience.

Talent Show

Our Thursday nights find us down at the Mound for some camp wide activity. One night is our annual Talent Show. Campers, staff and entire cabins all get a chance to show off their talents. The counselors organize this event with judges and prizes for the best performance. Most years there is lots of laughter for some acts and awe over special talents. The talents and creativity of both staff and campers is amazing.

The Mighty Bear and Bad Moose Clans

While Camp Marist is a co-ed camp serving boys and girls ages 6-16, we recognize the need for time for our male and female campers to get together separate from each other. Therefore, we created two clans within the larger camp community. The Mighty Bear Clan (Girls) and the Bad Moose Clan (Boys) sites are for the exclusive use of the respective clans. The gatherings at both sites are aimed at fostering bonding and enthusiasm within each clan through singing, chanting, cheering and stories. Activities may be different for each clan but both are aimed at fostering the values of Camp Marist and ultimately bringing both clans together in activities and the Mound. Both are vital to the healthy environment we share.


Nothing says “camp” like sitting around a fire, telling stories and roasting marshmallows. There are three main fire pits on camp and they are frequently used by campers and staff alike. Sometimes a particular cabin will have a fire, and often two or more cabins will join together, making s’mores and memories!

International Night

At Camp Marist, we are blessed with staff members who come from all over the world. During the early part of the camping season, counselors and staff teach everyone about their country’s culture and interesting facts from their homeland. Some counselors bring flags and costumes to camp to be part of this special night. This activity becomes a learning experience about cultural diversity for our campers.

Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the most popular Thursday night mound events. Swimming, running and kayaking give a twist to a traditional Iron Man. Campers and staff compete in separate events but all swim out and around a buoy in the middle of the lake, run one lap of the camp grounds and finish with a kayak around the buoy and back to the beach and the acclaim of a packed crowd at the mound. There is always great excitement for those watching and a wonderful feeling of satisfaction for all those who participate and complete the event.


Each session awards/trophies are given out to deserving campers. Staff members in charge of activities determine who gets the awards and base their decision on camper enthusiasm, cooperation, motivation, most improved, and not necessarily on the best. Handing out of the awards takes place at an assembly of the entire camp where they are recognized by the other campers and staff.