Typical Day

There is no such thing as a Typical Day at Camp Marist!

Typical DayUnlike most camps, where campers travel in groups from one activity to the other, our campers select their own personal activities so they go to the activities they want rather than those chosen for them by the camp.

The Camp Marist Activity Program operates on a two-day cycle.  Campers request eight activities of their choice for the two days, plus two alternates in case of a conflict or if they request a change.  Campers will participate in four of their selected activities on Day 1 and four on Day 2.

In addition to these choices, a Waterfront activity is added to the camper’s schedule each day.  The daily schedule is supplemented by a General Swim each afternoon, an Evening Activity program, and many special additions throughout the summer.

Most of our campers are exhausted by the end of the day!  Some activities carry a fee to cover equipment replacement and special costs (see the Activities Selection Form), but most activities do not carry a fee.  A camper may double up on a favorite activity if there is room.  Campers will receive their activity schedule when they arrive at camp.

Monday through Saturday Sunday 
Rising 8:00 Rising 9:00
Breakfast / Mound 8:15 Breakfast 9:30
Activity One 9:45 Mound Gathering 10:45
Activity Two 10:45 General Swim 11:30
Activity Three 11:45 Lunch 12:45
Lunch 12:45 Rest Period 1:30
Rest Period 1:30 Cabin Organized Games 2:45
Activity Four 2:30 General Swim 4:00
Activity Five 3:30 Dinner 5:30
General Swim 4:30 Camp Eucharist 7:15
Dinner 5:30 Lights Out by age
Evening Activity 7:00
Evening Mound 8:00
Lights Out by age