Dining Hall – Special Tutoring – English (ESL)

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At Camp Marist, our goal is to provide good, nutritious and well balanced meals that campers love.  And from what we hear from our campers, we’re doing a good job. Our chefs are Serve Safe Certified and have been with us for over 5 years making sure our campers are well taken  care of.

We have fresh fruit available at every meal, a salad bar, sandwich bar, and pasta alternatives, fresh baked rolls, cakes, muffins, and cookies – and a lot more. Special diets and allergies are also closely monitored with assistance from our medical staff.

We serve meals buffet style in our newly refurbished dining hall, along with all camp cookouts every Saturday at the picnic grove down by the lake.

Below are some examples of our menu:


At every breakfast we have: Our feature items vary from day to day:
Orange Juice
Cranberry Juice
Apple Juice
Milk (1% and Chocolate)
Hot Cereal
Cold Cereal variety
Fresh Fruit
Bagels & Cream Cheese
Scrambled and Fried eggs
French Toast
Home Fries
Corned beef hash


At every lunch we offer: Lunch is different every day:
Sandwich Bar
Salad bar
Fresh Fruit
Grilled cheese
Grilled ham & Cheese
Meatball Subs
Chicken fritters
Steak & Cheese Subs
Macaroni and cheese
Chicken breast sandwiches
Bacon Cheeseburgers
FF , Onion rings, Chips


At every dinner we have: Our main courses vary:
Salad Bar
Sandwich bar
Fresh Fruit
Pasta w/ sauce
Stir Fry
Baked Fish
Chili night (Beef, Turkey, Veg.)
Roast Pork
Turkey with stuffing
London broil steak
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Baked or Fried Chicken

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