Sailing and Paddleboarding

Camp Marist has nine Sunfish Sailboats which we use for our Sailing course and are available to our experienced Sailors during the general swim periods.  Campers have the option to sign up for a Sailing course if they have passed the American Red Cross Level 4 swimming test.  Campers meet during their assigned Waterfront period.  The boats and equipment are maintained meticulously by our master instructor Brother Henry Sawicki.

Stand Up Paddleboarding is our newest activity on the waterfront.  S.U.P requires many of the “paddle and balance” skills of canoeing so we require our campers to first pass our Canoeing course.  Once they enroll, the students will learn skills of standing and balancing on the board and using the longer paddles as well as many fitness exercises that can be done while using the board.  It is a fun course as the campers both learn a new skill, get fit and have fun while cruising along the water of Leavit Bay.