Swimming – Waterfront Instruction

WATERFRONT INSTRUCTION: (automatically added to each camper’s schedule every day) American Red Cross certified lifeguards and instructors provide swimming lessons according to the American Red Cross guidelines. All levels of swimming from Level 1 (beginner swimmers) to Level 6 (advanced swimmers) are offered.

If a camper is able to show a level 4 ability to swim, they can opt to take one of the other offerings at the Waterfront such as SAILING, CANOEING, ROW-BOATING and SNORKELING. Once they have passed SAILING, then WINDSURFING becomes an option. Once they have passed CANOEING, then STAND-UP PADDLE-BOARDING becomes another option.

Our very large resin dock has roped-off areas to accommodate the different swimming abilities of our campers. GENERAL SWIM for the entire camp (which occurs once a day during the week) enables the campers to use many of the offerings as well as our tremendous inflatable water TRAMPOLINE.


Campers are tested for their swimming ability upon their arrival at Camp Marist for the first time.  They are given either a red (beginner), yellow (advanced beginner) or green (intermediate or higher) tag to identify them as such for the lifeguards and instructors at the waterfront.  During the assigned Waterfront period in each camper’s schedule, they are assigned a swimming class based on that initial tag color.  American Red Cross certified lifeguards and instructors teach swimming classes following the American Red Cross guidelines for each of the Levels from 1 to 6.

Throughout the session, campers always have the chance to re-take the initial swimming test and to change their tag color.  Campers move from one level to another once they have shown an ability to pass the required swimming skills for that level. Once they have passed the Level 4 requirements, they have the option to continue their swimming lessons with level 5 or to enroll in one of our boating or boarding activities or jump into a snorkeling class. Each course takes a two-week session to complete