Alumni Reunion

Camp Marist Alumni Reunion

Our 2nd reunion will be Labor Day Weekend, 2019 

August 31st to September 2nd

Save the Date.  More details to come…….. 

Contact for more information:  [email protected]

Alumni Reunion Photos Link:  You can view and     download photos and also leave comments.  If you have photos you want to add, please email to:  [email protected]


Alumni Video Show by Kevin King – First Reunion


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  • Thank you!
    The video was great. It stopped the present moment, and so many of the faces I saw brought me back to some of the fondest (and craziest) memories
    I have of some of “the best summers of my life.” We always said that the staff had more fun than the campers, and I think it is still probably true.
    There were many faces of good friends who have passed on, and they raise their own special set of memories.
    Though I haven’t been to Camp in a good number of years, having watched the video, I feel like I’ve just been there… and gone through the annual ordeal
    of having to leave it and so many wonderful people behind… at least for a while.
    Again, my thanks for a 15 minute trip down Memory Lane, which I know will continue.
    I remember years ago – like maybe 45 – concluding a summer reflection with the words, “For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes.”
    May God continue to bless Camp Marist, and all who made – and make – it what it is.
    Fr. Jeff Johnston

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