Camp Stamps

About Camp Stamps

The Camp Stamps are a service offered through our CampInTouch website for parent-camper communication during the summer.  Log in just like you do when filling out forms and registering your child for camp, and look for the “Email” link at the top of the page.   From there you can send emails to your child at camp, which we receive, print and deliver first thing every morning.  In addition, you can send them a blank reply page (there is a box to check when sending your email to them).  Campers then hand-write a response to you which we scan to the company and it gets delivered automatically to your inbox as a PDF.   Emails cost $1 in either direction – sending to the camper, or receiving from the camper.  The blank response pages do not cost anything to print, but the $1 is charged once it has been delivered to your inbox.


Purchasing Camp Stamps

To purchase camp stamps, there is a section when you first click on the email link at the CampInTouch website.   They will ask for a credit card (even if we have one on file for you – this is a separate module from the Camp Marist billing system).   You can purchase camp stamps in packages of 10, and you use 1 camp stamp for each email sent and 1 for each email you receive.

For more information about the camp stamps program, or to get started with the emails, visit the site: And click the Email link.

Your children look forward to hearing from you!