Philosophy & Tradition

Our Lady of Fatima Chapel at Camp MaristThe Marist Brothers, an international Catholic teaching order, founded Camp Marist in 1949.Having established numerous elementary and high schools throughout the country, the Brothers wished to create a special blend of friendship, community, learning, character development and appreciation of the great outdoors in a beautiful environment. They found the perfect place on Ossipee Lake in Effingham, NH. Camp Fritz, a family campground, owned by the Fritz family was for sale and when the Brothers came to inspect the property, they knew immediately that this was the perfect spot for a summer camp. Since those early days, Marist has grown to be an outstanding center where girls and boys thrive and grow in a nurturing Christian environment. Originally, Camp Marist was only for boys. In 2003, we decided to become a co-ed camp and accepted girls for the first time. This transition went very smoothly and has tremendously enhanced the camp experience with a present 50/50 ratio between girls and boys.

Today Camp Marist is an international co-ed camp with campers and staff coming from different parts of the world. Some come from Marist schools, but many do not. Many found Camp Marist because a relative had once been a camper here.  Fathers and mothers seem eager to share the experience with the next generation. There is a very strong tradition at Camp Marist, a feeling of belonging to a very special family.  Our goal is to provide positive, life-enhancing experiences for all participants in our programs and members of our surrounding community, including those less fortunate.  As a result, scholarships play a crucial role in assuring opportunities for many of the children to attend.  Camp Marist strives to offer a stimulating and fun-filled environment which fosters personal growth in faith, mind, body and friendship through challenging and educational activities.

We believe that Camp Marist is a special place for kids to learn, grow, and thrive in positive and unique ways that will change their young lives forever. As a result, the experience of Camp Marist is one of the most precious life changing gifts we can give our children. As parents and camp professionals, we understand the developmental benefits of camp.

Sailing on Lake at Camp MaristWe understand that camp builds skills necessary to prepare kids to assume roles as successful adults. We understand, and research has proven, that camps contribute to growth in areas of leadership, self-esteem, independence, making friends, exploring and learning new activities, and growth in one’s spirituality.

Camp Marist provides a fun summer for the kids…have no doubt about that!   But more than that, it will be a summer that really makes a difference in the lives of our campers, and that is what Camp Marist is all about.