Religious Activities

Our Lady of Fatima Chapel

Our Camp boasts a first class array of buildings and facilities but the one that gives the heart and soul to all present is our beautiful Chapel dedicated to Our lady of Fatima.  When the Camp first opened in 1950, Mass was celebrated in the Recreation Hall.  Four years later, a chapel was built but it collapsed in 1956 under the weight of very heavy snow.

Brother Johannes, a Master Carpenter who taught Shop at Central Catholic HS in Lawrence, MA, learned of a new development in construction, the laminated beam. He ordered fourteen of them and had them trucked to Camp from Oregon.  With assurance that they would withstand the winter, he and a team of Brothers constructed the present chapel beginning in August 1957 when it was dedicated by the Bishop of the Diocese of Manchester, NH.

Built of knotty pine around those supportive beams, the chapel seats 300 and is the envy of many parishes in the area.  Complete with chandelier lighting and a fine sound system, it provides a beautiful worship space for daily Mass, as well as two weekend Masses for local people and visitors.

There is a special Campers Mass each Sunday evening for which a special homily is prepared and the Music, Readings and Petitions are presented by the Campers. Fortunately, since the beginning of the Camp, a steady stream of priests, mostly from New York, has provided those Masses, Confessions, and even an occasional Baptism, First Communion or Wedding Anniversary for lay staff members and their children.

Our Campus Minister plans many activities and experiences for our campers in the cabin. at the Mound and throughout the daily camp schedule.