Camp Marist has what we like to call “a generational staff” comprised of an exceptional mix of veteran counselors with the wisdom that comes from many years of experience, and college age staff who bring unbridled enthusiasm and energy. Our staff is second to none and helps create a safe environment with healthy and vibrant relationships among both staff and campers.

The administration of Camp Marist is comprised of individuals with many years of experience with professional credentials as teachers and guidance counselors. In addition to our administration, our staff is composed of many professionals including teachers, nurse practitioners, guidance counselors, psychologists, athletic directors, priests and brothers, college professors and many more. This wealth of experience is the foundation for building a diverse staff which fosters counselor development far beyond our pre-camp orientation and is reinforced with ongoing training throughout the summer.

Staff Mentoring/Supervision Program: Several of our experienced staff members have created an organized mentoring program for all first year staff members. In addition to the ongoing supervision and development going on for all staff by the administration, new staff members have frequent meetings as a group or individually with their mentors.

We are truly an international staff with counselors carefully chosen and screened from both the United States. as well as many other countries from around the world, including from as far away as Australia! Many of our staff were once campers at Camp Marist who have moved up through the ranks bringing very real camp experiences with them.

The Counselor In Training program at Camp Marist was established 30 years ago by Br. Kenneth Robert, a former Camp Director, who still directs the boy’s branch of CITs. This program is a two year leadership training program which has been a major source of our staff once they have completed the training. CITs are supervised by a staff member at all times. Recently we discovered that we had 32 former CITs on our staff.

Our mission statement is very clear on the type of staff member we want to be working with our campers. Having the skills necessary to run an activity such as archery, water skiing, etc. is only part of the criteria to be a counselor at Camp Marist. More importantly, we look for counselors who possess strong personal values, and are positive role models for young people.