• Sounds very similar to my experience, 7 years later in 1967,when I first attended camp. I ‘m from Queens, NY and took an 8 hr. busy ride picked up from Molloy, where I later attended school thanks to Bro. Lou who worked canteen and helped me get in as I did not have the grades. Kids from the Bronx, and Long Island where picked in separate buses from Mount St. Michaels and St. Mary’s respectively. My last year there in ’75 instead of senior Campers we were called “kitchen boys” and resided in, at that time, the newest cabin there Pogoville. We worked serving food and washing dishes after meals and worked 2 activity periods doing painting and other jobs and paid half tuition for that privilege. We also had special privileges too, and frequently went down the road to English’s to meet girls and got to go out to the Pizza Barn on Friday and Saturday nights. This was the precursor to what is now CIT program, I have been back to camp to visit and volunteer on volunteer weekend as I have passed on the tradition of attending Camp Marist to my daughter Caroline Sanchez