Wolf Pack


While the camp experience is wholly exciting, we know that for our youngest campers, especially those who are not yet 8 years old, it can also be a little overwhelming. The activities offered are spread throughout our large campus, and the rotating schedule can be confusing initially. In order to provide a bit more support to these campers, to ensure that they have extra guidance between activities as well as supervised access to the cabins to change or get equipment, and to create an atmosphere within each scheduled activity tailored to the unique dynamics of these youngest participants, we have developed the Wolf Pack program.

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To meet the goals of the program, the activity schedule for these campers will be uniform, and they will travel as a “pack” to each of their activities, supervised and directed by staff pack leaders. The selection and sequence of activities is thoughtful and intentional, highlighting the most popular activities for the age group (go-karts, arts and crafts, soccer, basketball, tennis, low ropes) and including an initial encounter with many of our other great activities like fishing, nature hikes, yoga, martial arts, floor hockey, volleyball, and more! The activity periods will provide age-appropriate instruction and games, creating a fun and rewarding experience while establishing a foundation of skills for years of further participation and enjoyment. In addition, the Wolf Pack will also have a daily period of swim instruction and, of course participate in the afternoon all-camp general swim! We are very excited to see this program in action! We believe the group scheduling and additional staff supervision will be reassuring to parents, and we know that the tailored design of the schedule and the experience at each activity will make for a perfect summer, and lead to many more “best summers” to come!

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